Curled Toes - Floral wire instead of pipecleaner for "Beakinstocks"?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by lutz123, Jun 8, 2011.

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    I'm making orthopedic shoes for my keet (her Beakinstocks). I will have to run to the store to grab pipecleaners...but I have floral wire on hand and it seems sturdy enough. Could I use that instead to make little shoes? I am worried about how to get them off though. The chenille on the pipecleaners would make it easier to cut. I tried band-aids and cardboard but it keeps flipping over and can't get it's nearly impossible to get the toes actually straight!
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    I don't see why floral wire wouldn't work though I would think it would have to be padded.

    Usually I see vet wrap recommended, (the vet wrap itself is the splint) or a Bandaid on backwards with another over it, so no sticky part is on the bird.

    Whatever works for you!
  3. lutz123

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    I will try that, though I'll need to get some more. There is definitely no easy way to do this. Is it important to get their toes spread evenly too? I'm guessing so. He's temporarily in two pieces of packing tape sticky sides together and trimmed. Seems very slippery though.
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    Maybe a garden center near you has this--I saw it at one of ours: foam plant tie. This can be cut, bent to a W shape, then the foam flattened, if necessary.
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