curly toes in 2-1/2 month old pullet


9 Years
Mar 4, 2014
I am caring for a pullet with chronic curly toes. Her symptoms began at a couple of weeks old and she was unable to stand or walk at the time. She improved greatly when the owner gave her Poultry Cell daily. She is now up and walking, able to roost on a low bar, and pretty normal in every other way except for her right foot with pretty pronounced curly toes. She was recently injured badly due to being unable to get away fast enough from the adult chickens when she got out of her run. I am trying to correct her right foot so that she will have a better chance when returning to her flock. I am giving her 1 cc of Poultry Cell in a syringe daily and using a cardboard splint for the right foot. I tape her toe in a straight position to the cardboard and then wrap the rest to secure it. I do not see any results when I take off the splint to evaluate her. She is able to move pretty fast when she has the splint on. Any suggests on doing this differently?
If her toes are culed under, that can be a sign of riboflavin (vitamin B2) deficiency. But if they are curled to the side, that is hereditary or due to incubation temperature fluctuations. After the first week of life, it is very difficult to impossible to correct this.

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