Current top meat breeders with eggs for sale...Thanks

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Feb 6, 2011
Hello. I'm upgrading my incubator and it's time to upgrade my birds past my local craigs list stock.

I'm looking for Jumbo browns. I'm well aware of James Marie farms and will be giving a call. But who else should I talk to.

I'm happy to pay a premium for the best, largest or fastest growing meat bird eggs I can find to get me started.

Thanks alot


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Feb 2, 2014
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I have no room to talk from experience as im just getting into quail but in all my research, james marie farm seems to be the place to go. its his full time job as opposed to just being a hobby as is the case with most people. Robby is a great guy to deal with and will always help with any questions both before and after the sale. He has a new line that hes starting to sell this year that is supposed to be even better than what hes been producing. Just my $.02


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Jan 6, 2013
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A lot of large producers of coturnix in the US use JMF stock, or at least used them to start out with. Vails quails, strombergs, etc all use birds that originated at jmf.

The thing you need to be aware of with meat purposed jumbos is that there is a practical size and The largest fastest growing birds available is not necessarily the best way to get started until you understand all of the problems that come with large fast-growing birds. It becomes increasingly difficult to keep them on their feet due to bumble foot and hip and knee problems if they grow too fast or too large . Birds over 14 ounces kept on wire will almost always get bumble foot before they reach one year of age, sometimes much sooner. Really large jumbo's are susceptible to decreased fertility due to the laziness of the birds they also typically show less thrift (eggs per dollars fed) than an average size jumbo.

Im not trying to talk you out of buying birds from a meat line but as far as coturnix go there is learning curve regarding the big jumbos and keeping them mobile and thrifty.

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