Curved Spike Rose Combs - Genetics?

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    Hello there! Sorry to waltz in here like a klutz who didn't take biology in high school (Ehherm.. totally NOT me) , but as some of you know, I'm getting some Partridge and Quail coloured chickens in March, and I REALLY liked rose combs and all, so I decided I'd try to order some homozygotes for rose combs. Now, I found this thread too, where someone asked about their Rosecomb Bantam's comb being correct. Here it is.

    (Image credit to Chicken-Eye as well)

    As I've mentioned before, I want to breed birds with this sort of comb. A rose comb with a huge spike at the back. Does anyone know any genetic information or certain breeds/birds I should use as breeders? Any help is appreciated!

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    The bird in the picture is a rosecomb bantam. Yes, that's what it's breed is called. As far as I know, the curved spike is one of the possible defects when a bird has the single comb gene. I also know that sometimes, a single comb "sport" will pop up in your breeding pens, since single comb ans rose comb genes "work together." Keeping the sports can imporove the vigor of the birds, since rosecombs tend to be fussy chicks.

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