Custom Machine Embroidered T-Shirt and cap


7 Years
Mar 7, 2012
Jeromesville, Ohio
This classified is for 1 t-shirt and 1 cap, machine embroidered with YOUR logo, farm name, or about whatever you want. Feel free to contact me privately if you have any questions. Plus, to show me what you need done, to be sure it's doable for this price. Some designs are much more detailed!

Orders can be done totally by emails, and mailed to you. Or you may pick them up, we're in Ohio. We love meeting new chicken/farm people! Can also meet you in say a Diner, etc. and have coffee & chat.

Shipping fee not included in this price.

Quantity discount available!

We do custom embroidery for your farm, hatchery, kennel, club, business, 4H, etc. We put logos on t-shirts, caps, totes, or whatever you have in mind. Feel free to ask! I do this to feed our animals and maybe get a few groceries now & then. I am not a huge business by any means!

I do business online by email and phone 99% of the time. So your location isn't really a problem! I also do leather work and can make personalized dog collars, etc. in leather or/and nylon webbing.

The price listed in the title is just a starting point. All prices are based on different things. Quantity discounts available!

I sure hope to meet you and start doing business with you very soon!

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