Customer Service Stinks


10 Years
Jan 11, 2010
I love my current Dell computor, but after all the garbage their customer service just put me through I'm not buying another.

So far I have been called stupid, hung up on, given the run around and put on hold for over 15 minutes.

I'm not in a really good mood right now.
Even worse nothing they did would not speed my computor up. Other then tell me if I paid them $260.00 they would clean up my files.

I can take it to someone local and pay less.

Just a little stressed, but I get to go shopping! (It's for cattle vaccines and a halter, but it releases my stress.)
So sorry you're having trouble. I had a HP pc, and had a question. They said they would be more than happy to resolve my problem, after I paid them a fee for their help. You would think a happy customer who someday replaces their old pc with a new same maker model would be worth answering a question. I recently bought a laptop....from gateway!
On the other hand, my blog was down last night (Labor Day) and my host, had the nicest CS rep who worked out all my problems. He didn't even sigh when I told him, "I not comp savvy...explain this to me like I'm 5." There is still great customer service out there, it's just few and far between.
Sounds like maybe she got a close relative or two though...


I also have a dell and after hearing that same thing from other Dell owners I wouldnt even attempt to call Peggy
Had a Dell once. But the same problem...absolutely the worst service
department possible.

I've bought Hp the last two times with great service, to the point that
they have replaced my fax machine for free, while allowing me to keep
the old unit.

My choice? HP equipment, but keep a well trusted local repairman's number.
So many repair shops just don't measure up.
Go figure. Great service from HP, and they've just announced they are getting out of the computer business, sticking strictly w/softwear.

Did you know BY LAW that if you contact a 'help' line you can ask if the speaker whom is assisting you is located in the United States, and they have to give the truthful answer? (sometimes they will hedge, but pin them down!) If they aren't you can demand a number or call back from an employee located IN the United States? This of course is if you are calling from the US. I hate it when you get someone on the help line whom speaks very broken English, to the point where you are embarassed to keep asking for them to repeat. Makes you feel stupid, and it is frustrating all around.

I've had nothing but bad luck with Dell whom keep pointing at other problems not associated with them. ALWAYS ended full circle with 'em. Going MAC next time.

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