Customized EGG CARTON LABELS! For selling, shipping & gifting eggs!

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    24 Personalized Egg Carton Labels!

    Have you been looking to add a little charm and whimsy to your home-grown egg distribution process? We’ve got a dozen (or so) backyard chickens ourselves and wanted to jazz up our own egg cartons before giving them away to friends and family. However, we couldn’t find personalized labels that we liked, or that fit our needs anywhere, so we made our own! Now we're providing you with the opportunity to get your own too!

    These custom-made egg carton labels are available in various quantities, styles, wording and colors. We’ll work with you to make a label you’ll love to add to your farm fresh eggs before they head out the door!

    This auction is for 4 sheets of white, matte, self-sticking labels! There are 6 labels per sheet, for a total of 24 labels. Each label measures 3" by 3.75" Purchase as many sets as you need.
    Here are a few samples of available pictures, text and wording. If you are interested in something that you don’t see (a color, a logo, a picture, phrasing), please email us BEFORE bidding so that we can determine what we can do for you. We want you to be as enthusiastic about using these on your egg cartons as we are of ours!

    Click here for a thread by our customers showing pictures of THEIR labels!

    These are samples of various types of artwork you can choose from. Looking for somthing a little different? Let us know!

    This is a sample of several different sample labels in the 3inch by 3.75 inch format:

    These are my own personal labels: [​IMG]
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