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Ok so about a month ago I went to a TSC chicken swap meet and bought four EE well one soon after died and the three remaining look healthy.....I have quarantined them but when I moved them my flock of hens and 2 roos now have what I think to be coryza or MG (theres no vet by me that will take samples so this is my opinion due to lots of BYC searching) and this all started once the older hens came into contact with the babies dust!

My question is should I cull the three baby EE's that I believe are the carriers? (They are all fine and dandy while my original chickens are worse for the ware)

Will my hens and roos now be carriers??

I started them off on Tylan 50 on Sunday and yesterday they seemed horriable but this morning when I went out the swelling around the eyes have gone down and the wheezing and coughing has stopped also.

This is my first time raising chickens and I don't want to take ny chances that someone else around me may catch this. We will be closing the flock after this.
And I'll never buy pullets from someone other then a hatchery again.

Any input would be helpful I'm not against culling, this is just my first flock that I hatched so I'm kinda attached.

I am by no means an expert but if you truly have coyza I believe it is like a cold. Not so sure about being carriers any more than a human, once they recover from a cold, is a carrier. I do know that if it were viral in nature, some viruses can survive without a host and could possibly be in your coop. Of course some hardier bacteria could also. I guess if it were practical you could clean where your chickens are, once everyone has recovered, and go from there. My mother always told me what doesn't kill you makes you stronger....atleast your flock may be hardier in the long run!!! But like I said, I am no expert. Good luck with your birds.
Maybe this will help. The chickens and chicks at swaps are a huge temptation to buy but many are diseased and not well taken care of. A lot of people are just out for the $$$

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