Cute cute cute! Must See!

They are cute. But it reminds me of walking thru the livestock sale 30 min from our house each staurday and seeing the "castoffs" of the dairy industry. Usually they are 2-4 days old by the time they get to the sale, having note been fed but once since they were born and shipped in those drafty cattle trucks. They usually die about 3 days after they are sold due to having not been fed for the first few days of life. I hate going thru the backa t the sales
I have a question about that.....are they supposed to be that skinney when bottle fed? Our neighbor has 3 and they are that skinney and look like they will drop over any time.
Jersey calves are bony. Out here they go for just a very few dollars. Holstein bull calves can bring good money, but Jerseys you have to practically give them away.

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