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  1. I have a pair of African Geese and a Muscovey drake that was raised with them so he "thinks" he's a goose. I also have 4 yearling Africans I raised last year that all turned out to be male. Anyway, over the weekend I got 6 African goslings and 3 pekin ducklings that are probably about 6-8 weeks old. So I put them in the goose pen and left them closed up during the day while the big geese were loose to free-range the farm. The first night after the adults had been put up for the night I went back out to check on everyone and the pair (and drake) had the babies corralled in a corner and were laying down around them keeping them "safe" from the others in the house. Well, we repeated the same procedure yesterday letting the adults out but keeping the babies in for the day. It was rainy and cool so everyone was ready to go up early last night. When I went out for my evening check I was surprised to fine the goose and gander in the same corner of the house all puffed up with all nine babies under their wings! Guess I'm going to have to let her raise a brood of her own!


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    What a great story! I loved it! I am new to raising chickens and BYC and just found your story. My neighbors just got a few geese so I hope to see some babies someday.

    Have an awesome day!

    Hugs from Florida.
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    That sure is a very nice story, if only some people could be so caring and loving. We could all learn from our feathered friends.[​IMG] [​IMG]
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    I love that geese want to be parents so much. Even adoptive parents [​IMG] Yep, there IS indeed natural, instinctive goodness we can learn from them.
  5. I have 8 goslings that are 2.5 weeks old. They have been outside since last Friday. Three of my "single" ganders adopted them right off the bat and wander around the farm with them. When the babies get tired and need a rest - the ganders sit down next to the "baby pile" and keep watch over them. Geese are the best!
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    aweee sooooooooo sweet, psh and my mom thinks geese are mean and won't let me have any [​IMG]
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    I really hope my Chinese pair turn out to be good parents & adoptive parents when they are's just too cute. when we had our Romans (who now reside with [email protected] acres farm [​IMG] ) They shared brooding duties while the goose was setting her first nest & the gander would try to steal the ducks nest sometimes too [​IMG] . It's amazing how good the ganders are, even with the babies!
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    We had several females at one time but only one had eggs that hatched. The other girlies stepped right in as aunties. Those babies were so well guarded and had so many moms to run to it wasn't even funny. The only bad part was we could not get near them.

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