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Magnolia Ducks

Free Ranging
Jan 24, 2018
Magnolia, TX
You may know I am down to a single duck, Mini, that I have been trying to find a new home or a friend. She has been screaming herself hoarse and not eating well from being lonely. Last night I have her a 12x12 mirror. She gave it the side eye and then the side head bob. This morning she was cuddled up with it giving her happy trill. She wouldn't go out to free range because her "friend" wouldn't come with her. She would start for the door and then run back and quack at the mirror like come on already. I have had to move the food and water closer to her "friend" so she will eat and drink. She hasn't screamed all day but won't go more than 3 feet from her friend. I didn't think this would work on an adult duck.

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