Cute painted duck houses (on the inside)


8 Years
Jul 5, 2011
We are about done with our duck I am going to paint the inside....I have seen a couple of coops painted ADORABLY, but only one on the inside. Don't know who it was, but it was on the winnes of the coop designs.....they had painted a bare branched tree on one wall and a darling flower arrangement on another wall.

Anyway.....has anyone done anything wayyyy cute you can share with me?
LOL...that is FUNNY!

We are putting stuff called FRP, fiberglass reinforced panels that are used in commerical kitchens to line the walls. This will go on the bottom about 2/3s, then the top third needs to be painted. I figured I am just gonna do it a plain Jane white or tan or grey, but was just thinking about adding something adorable to it. I am about as far away from being an artist that you can get, so it is probably a pipe dream on my part, but....wishful thinking is something I am good at.

LOL.....I still am laughing at what you wrote.
I haven't done it...yet...but I plan to get some stencils (due to my failure at free-hand art) and paint the silhouettes of a mother duck and her brood on the inside of my duck shed.

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