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  1. I was over at the in-laws' last night & stumbled upon a muscovy on a nest in their well house....she was p'o'd and NOT pleased with my presence. I went to shut the door & heard peeping....I looked & found TWO chicks! It looks as though one of my MIL's free-ranging EE's laid in the duck's nest?!?

    Anyway, the resulting two babies are the CUTEST! They are black with little muffs & feathered feet--from the Brahma roo which is their dad! [​IMG] Of course, I have to sell them (MIL gave them to me because I'm set up for babies & I have the chick starter) they're going in the yard sale this weekend....but thought I'd share...they are too cute!

    And yes, I'll get some pics before they go!
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    Feb 20, 2008
    I hope you took them out of the nest. I had a muscovy hatch out some chicks and before I knew it she had walked on them. It seems the chicks don't knew to get up on the feet like the ducklings do. They all got smashed flat. [​IMG]
  3. Oh yeah...I took them out & home with me they came, LOL They're resting, comfortably in the coop with all of my other babies.

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