Cute visitor to our chicken run.


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11 Years
Apr 22, 2008
We have been working outside all day getting gardens planted and other yard work. We were taking a little break in the backyard and I asked my 10yo to go collect eggs. As he was walking to the run, I noticed a brightly-colored visitor hanging out on the top of the run!


My boys went and got some scratch to try and entice it down. It was obviously someone's pet at some point because it only took about a minute for it to decide to come down for treats.



It flew around every minute or so and landed on both of their heads at one point though I only got a picture of him on my 10yo's head.


It certainly made for a fun distraction!
Nope. He liked the food but there was no way we could catch him (I tried a couple times). I've seen parakeets hanging out with flocks of sparrows a couple times in the last few years but this was the first time there was one in our yard. If he comes back, we will keep feeding him and see if we can catch him at some point.
Got an old bird cage? Put food and water in it and latch the door open.

Cute pics! Thanks for sharing.
Heather I have a brief story for you. Back in the 70's, a truck full of parrots, the green and red kind, had been smuggled over the border and the truck overturned off the 22 freeway down in Orange. To this day, there are hundred of parrots that live in the trees in Hart Park, right there at Glassell and the 22 freeway.

Residents there have fought for years - half on the side of the birds and the other half wanted to get rid of them. The birds have won all these years.

Look for a flock of parakeets in the future!!!!
Debi, there used to be flocks of wild parrots in our neck of the woods. My husband remembers seeing them occasionally when he was little. There haven't been any around for decades now. I have no idea how this little guy will fare on his own. If I could have caught him, I would have. We just have to hope that he comes back and we're able to nab him when he does!

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