Cutest story ever!!

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  1. We used to not live at our farm because our house was still being built, so we would just drive 45 minutes down and back every night. ( moved in now) well i had 8 black bantams that were still really small, but big enough to come down for a day. we stayed till dark the time we brought them, and we lost them.
    to make a VERY VERY VERY... long story short, my mom had realized that shed left the car window down in our truck. she went and rolled it up and kept looking for our chicks. i felt like giving up, so i went back to the truck to sit down for a few minutes while my dad found a flashlight. as i was going to sit down, you would never believe what i found! 8 little bantams curled up under the light of our truck... in my seat!!! they mustve flew in through the windows because they could really fly! it was adorable. but sad to say but i rushed them off and into their case bc i was afraid they'd pooped on my seat. nope, they were clean! i wish id have taken some pictures!
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    Jan 12, 2012
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    Very cute. What a relief.
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    Cute story![​IMG]
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    I wish you had taken pics too! So glad you found the little babies, and they were okay! Who says chickens are dumb?? Thanks for sharing that adorable story with us!
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    That's one of the cutest stories I've ever heard!
    Thanks for sharing! Bantams are the best pets. [​IMG]
  7. i wish i had taken pictures to because that one was definitely a keeper! and i love bantams! I'm gonna hatch some once we build our incubator!! [​IMG]
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