Cymbalta for Back Pain & Osteoarthritis??

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    Since it's FDA approval for secondary usage, has anyone tried Cymbalta for back pain and osteoarthritis? I go back to my Pain Management doctor next week, and I'm thinking about asking for a prescription for Cymbalta to try for a couple of months, rather than getting another epidural (of which I've already had two).

  2. I have tried every prescription for my fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, and herniated disks, and none gave me relief that justified the side effects. I have gone off all meds and had to resort to steroid injections and finally lesioning of my nerve endings (RFL) which helps the most. The nerves do regenerate but it helps for a long time. My main issue is C3 thru C7 and they do a bilateral lesioning in the hospital. I go in and I'm there for around three hours, then I go home. After around five days of icing the sites (8 along my spine) I am back up and running.

    I was so tired of being on so many meds over the course of 8 years and was not happy with the side effects that it was having on my body. I am no longer dependent on medications but I do have to have the procedure every 16-20 months. I also do lots of stretching, walking, and tend the chickens. The exercise I find is very helpful.

    Hope this helps. Good luck in your appointment!

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    Quote:It helps with my head aches and helps my mother with her nerve pain. She has CIDP. It also helps with depression.

    though it can cause restless leg but that is very rare
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    Some very unwanted side effects for some people so you may want to look into that cause they do happen.

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