Cynthia's grandchickies are really growing


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12 Years
Jun 25, 2007
at the covered bridge, PA
They are pretty big! They hatched on 2/6/08 and 2/7/08. The brahmaXorps are even bigger than the Splash orp. I sort of feel the need to hatch the splash a pullet, so maybe sometimes this summer I can get some eggs from someone.


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13 Years
Feb 3, 2007
Blue Ridge Mtns. of North Georgia
They look rather familiar, Sara, LOL! You are right, the Orp/Brahma crosses are larger than the pure Orps. The pullets look so much alike in both breeds. I have my pure Orp pullet, who is black, and my Orp/Brahma cross pullet, also black like yours. The main difference you notice first is the feathers on the legs and the leg color. The crosses have yellowish legs and the pures have slate legs. The combs are the next difference because the crosses take on the pea combs of their mom, Caroline, or at least, a modified pea. BIG girls!

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