[email protected]!n foxes - got one of my birds this morning.

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by imthedude, Feb 28, 2012.

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    Mar 9, 2010
    I thought to myself over the weekend that we've been really lucky and haven't lost any birds to predators in well over a year. I counted my blessings too soon. For reference, I don't like to keep our birds locked up but instead choose to let them free range all day with the tradeoff that we will occasionally lose one to a predator.

    I was having coffee with my 1-month old son in my lap this morning when my wife yelled from the kitchen to tell me that there was a fox out back of the garden behind the house. Sure enough there was one of the biggest foxes I've ever seen with one of my PR's in its mouth trying to kill it. I immediately ran downstairs for my shotgun but couldn't find it quick enough, so I ran out to scare it off. That scare tactic resulted in the **** thing running about 100 feet, jumping our back fence, and stopping to stare at me as if it was saying "who are you, and why are you interrupting my breakfast?"

    Thinking it was gone, I went back inside to get some shoes and inspect my bird when my wife promptly yelled that it was back. This time I found my shotgun, which was loaded with #4 buckshot for just an occasion. I didn't want to kill it for fear that it might have kits by now but rather wanted to give it a good scare. I squeezed off a round over its head, and I've never seen an animal scare and move off that fast.

    It didn't kill my bird - only managed to break her neck, so I had to finish the job before heading off to work. Joy. What a great way to start my day. If it comes back, I won't shoot over its head the next time. I'll shoot at its head.

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    kinda weird but.....
    I live in an area with lots of fox, cyotetes and coons. My ol granny told me to get out a nylon sock(pantihose) and put hair from the hair bruch in it or when i cut hair and put it in the sock, tie up the sock and hang it on the coop ont fence around the coop. Preditor dont like the human smell and it keeps them away.
    Its worked for me maybe it will work for you

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