D-Worm Combo (pyrantel & praziquantel)

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    I have a couple of questions and want to know if I'm using the correct meds. I was told (by a large animal vet) I could use this medication to deworm my RIR laying hens. I asked about the dosage and they would not answer without seeing the animal. It is a broad spectrum dewormer and I purchased the smallest package for puppies and small dogs 6-25 lbs. My chicks have tape worms and I suspect other kinds of worms, as I have never given them a dewormer. I see tape worms in their poo now. A couple of my chickens were a lethargic one day and fine the next (this happen to 2 of my ten hens). Most all of them have boney chests, so I suspect worms before I actually saw the worms in the poo. My first question is the dosage. The package says 6-12 lbs give one tablet. I will have to weigh my hens, as I have no clue how much they weigh. So when I do if one is say 3 lbs, I would 1/2 the pill and if one is 5-6 lbs, give her a whole tablet? My second question is how long do I need to withdraw the eggs? I thought when I withdraw the eggs, just feed them to my dogs, which I suspect have tape worms as well (they enjoy visiting the chickens and cleaning up after them). What do you guys think? I'm a new chicken Mama (DOB-3/26/11) and I love my girls and don't want to harm them. Please help.
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    Quote:As far as your dogs are concerned, use the wormer you have for them. I dont know the dosage for your dogs, nor that particular wormer dosage for your chickens. However, to get rid of tapes in poultry, I recommend that you purchase either valbazen (albendazole) liquid cattle/sheep wormer or zimectrin gold equine wormer which has praziquantel in it. If your feed store doesnt carry these wormers, Jefferslivestock.com has them. Valbazen is administered orally, use a syringe without a needle. Dosage is 1/2cc for strandards, 1/4cc for smaller birds. Repeat again in 10 days and possibly a third time 10 days after that. Tapes are tough to get rid of. Zimectrin Gold is a paste. Administer it orally. Dosage is a small "pea" size dose for standards, a "BB" size amount for smaller birds. Repeat dosing in 10 days. There's a 14 day withdrawal period after last dosing of both wormers.
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