Dachshunds Thread!

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    Feb 9, 2013
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    Hey all!

    I looked everywhere and could not find a thread specifically about dachshunds, so I thought I would start one. Feel free to post pictures, ask questions, and just generally hang out with and get to know other dachshund owners!

    I'll start by posting pics of my 4.

    This is Bella. She is a red dapple longhair, and our resident dorkle-orklepuss (aka silly, not too bright dog).



    This is Coco. She is a chocolate and tan longhair, but her hair gets matted so easily that she has to be clipped.


    This is Sadie, my little princess. She is a sable longhair.


    And this is Tucker, our first longhair. He is a clear-point red dachshund.


    So, who else on BYC is lucky enough to own a dachshund?
  2. ddschicks

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    Jul 30, 2014
    I had one o few years back and i fell in love with her and the breed! Her name was Sammy but our mean neighbor dogs attacked her and we found her in the front yard all beat up. we took her to the vet and paid out the butt to get her help. i have a theory that she had a broken rib and thats why she still died...

    i haven't gotten another for fear of their fragility but i went to the human society and found the cutest mix. she is short and stumpy and half dachshund and half possibly Chinese crested.
  3. alldembirds

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    Oct 19, 2013
    they have dachshund races every year pretty close to where i live. It's in a retirement community , such a site. they sure are adorable.
  4. This is Henry, he's a short haired red brindle Mini Dachshund.


    (He's very camera shy.)

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