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    Oct 4, 2014
    Hi guys I have a question that's weird I had my mottled houdan rooster and buff cochin bantam hen living together when they where real young and they where mating really early and the cochin also started laying really early then I had a broody partridge cochin and put 8 eggs under her and one of them was the buff cochins but get this it was one of her first 10 so these eggs almost never hatch and out of these 8 4 hatched and the hybrid cochin was one of them it was really small and I thought it would die but now its one week away from living with its mom and dad in the flock of 35 my question is because I breed hybrids every year if the father bred with his daughter will there possibly be birth defects also could they appear because she was born on a very early egg.
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    People breed back to the parents all the time. It's a normal part of fixing traits in most lines.
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    Oct 4, 2014
    Ok thanks I have heard of crossing them back to their grandparents but not their parents but anything on the way she was hatched I mean to me it seems that if she was hatched out of her moms first 10 eggs she would have some sort of birth defect.
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    I hatch pullet eggs when I have them, and some of my best birds have come from them!
    With the chick coming out of one of those first eggs, that would likely be the reason she was so small (since pullet eggs tend to be on the small side). Its pretty normal, mine are usually small too and they typically catch up to the others at some point.
    Good luck :)

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