Daddy Bassett

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    Apr 9, 2009
    Southern Tier NY
    So we just about finished our coop/run yesterday and it just so happens our male Bassett Hound's (Champ) run goes right by the set-up. I didn't plan it that way but it is working well as it works as a predator deterent. Also the chicks seem to hug the side of the cage where Champ is thinking he is their daddy. He has been inside with them in the brooder and running around the house and even left unattended doesn't bother them so it makes me feel super safe with him out there guarding the girls. Brings back visions of Fog Horn Leghorn and the dog he was always messing with. I still need to protect the top of the run from hawks etc as poor old Champ can't jump quite that high to ward them off. On that note... has anyone ever tried putting a fake Owl or something near the run to scare off other birds? I know I have a few laying around from a failed attempt of getting rid of woodpeckers. We live in densly wooded area but the run/coop are kind of out in open to try to deter critters from risking going out in open. I'll try to get up some pictures as soon as my people critters (kids) wake up enough to go outside.

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