Daffodils......LOTS of pics. :)


Canning Squirrel
11 Years
Mar 6, 2008
Floresville, Texas
Well, Tractor Supply still doesn't have the baby chicks they said would most likely be there Monday. *SIGH* They are now saying Maybe Friday. So, with no baby chicks to torment with the camera I walked around the yard taking pics of daffodils. I love them. Their smell screams SPRING and they come in such a HUGE variety.
I even left my big chickies alone for the most part.....only took a pic of one when my son was holding her.
It is my Barred Rock, Nightingale with my oldest son, Isaiah. Poor girls (and Sigmund), I am sure they get tired of the camera in their little faces all the time. Anyway, just thought I would share the beauty.


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