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May 5, 2013
So I am thinking about getting two or three ducks either pekin or khaki Campbell's. I have heard they are more work than chickens which isn't surprising saying how easy chickens are but i am wonding how much time they need every day.
Not that much time. Give them some feed, water and maybe put down some new bedding. If you wan't you can put out a little kiddie pool and they will love that!
Ok thank you for replying so fast. I have one more question I go on vacation a lot would it be ok to leave them for a weekend if I made sure
they have enough food or water.
I think that would be ok as long as you leave them a lot of food and water but you want to make sure that the ducks wont be able to tip over the feeder or waterer
Yes, they would need a LOT of water. Just get a good feeder that can hold lots. The waterer needs to hold a whole lot more. I have a kiddie pool for mine, and they drink out of that. Also, it would depend on how long you go on vacation.
If you research through this site, you will find that there is a bit more than feeding and watering to keeping healthy ducks. There are threads on here that are very well written on duck keeping. First and foremost is predator proof housing. How will you insure that they are safe from becoming prey if you are away for the weekend? It just takes a few minutes for a raccoon or fox to wipe out a duck population, it is a gory site to come home to.
It would be much better to find a reputable pet sitter that can come twice a day to deal with them, or do what I do when I go away, have someone stay at my house. But I have WAY more than just ducks.
THe cleaning is very important with ducks. They are MESSY. Filthy actually. I cannot imagine what I would find with my nine ducks if I did not clean their area daily. They poop EVERYWHERE. On things, in things, around things, in places you cannot even imagine how they did it. They make their water bowls a mud pit in minutes, I refill bowls constantly to keep clean water for face washing and drinking. The pool is cleaned daily when we are using the smaller pool, and every other day when we use the giant pool. If you leave a bunch of food down and you have chipmunks, rats, mice or squirrels, you will be stunned at how fast the bowl empties. I feed mine a few times a day in small amounts so the critters don't eat it all.
All that being said, ducks are GREAT fun. They are cute, silly, funny, amazing creatures. They are so worth the work. But they are work and a lot if it if you want to do it right.
Hope this helps a bit.
Hey! I have three Pekin ducks which are about 8 weeks old. As for how much time I spend caring for them, roughly my husband or I spend around 1-2 hours a day. Our current "duck" routine is - As the sun rises, I head out to their coop to let them out .... and ... set up their pool, fill it with water, wash out the bottom tray of their coop, air out their nesting boxes so I can scoop the poo out later, wash and refill their water dispenser, set up their food, and re-secure the run. ... that's the am .. As the sun sets, I head out to persuade them with mealworms to go back into their coop but not before checking their feet and body for any medical/health issues. Once their are inside I start to clean up their poopie filled run, empty out the water from their pool, clean and refill their waterier so I can put it back inside their coop for the night, and re-secure their run/coop.

A lot of attention needs to be given to securing their coop. For example, I have a solar powered, motion- sensor flood light that activates whenever something comes close, as well as locks for all the doors/nest boxes (raccoons can open locks), motion-sensor alarms that activate a piercing noise whenever movement is deducted, and a few heavy pavers to discourage a predator to dig. I'm waiting for the motion detected water sprayer to come tomorrow. -- I know it may seem like overkill but if you search this forum, you will easily see how many birds become prey to cleaver and hungry predators.

... Lastly ... I would NEVER leave a bird outside UNATTENDED for longer than 12 hours. Why?- search the forum or watch YouTube videos.. They are sitting ducks! Plus they SPILL everything you give them and will eat all the food and water you leave out within hours. It's insane how fast my three go though their gallon water thing.!!

Good Luck!

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