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    Jun 21, 2011

    There other day, I had some Ricotta cheese to spare, and rather let it go, I feed it to the hens. They loved it! Now I'm wondering if that is something they should get fairly often. And if so, how often is often?

    I saw a post that stated chickens needed vitamin D to absorb calcium. I know they add vitamin D to milk, so is cheese high in it also?

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    A couple times a week some cheese isn't going to hurt them. Mine love it. I just don't go so overboard on it that they start ignoring their nutritionally complete layer feed.
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    Since it is a treat, just do it every once in a while. Some will debate never to give chickens cheese because their system isn't really made to digest it. I think it's fine if you only give it like once or twice a month if you wanted. Yogurts and stuff with probiotics in it are better for them, just try not to give them too many flavored ones because of the sugar and other stuff in them. I used to give my birds Kefir, it's a liquid yogurt type thing you drink, they loved that.

    Also, chickens can get plenty of Vit. D from the sun. [​IMG]
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    I have some opened and half-used ricotta that went sour in the refrigerator although the expiration date is two weeks from now.
    I know about not feeding to my chickens food that is spoiled, but where is the line drawn when it is a fermented cheese product?
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    Mine love grated emmental and get it late afternoon. I supply it with their crack cocaine. - seeds.

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