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    May 22, 2008
    We have recently acquired our first two goats: Isabelle, a fourteen month old dairy goat, and Phillisa, a five and a half month old whom we're hoping to have bred this fall. Where can we buy a not-too-huge salt block for them, and what essential minerals should it contain? They get unlimited hay, and their grain includes (in order of quantity) corn, oats, roasted soybeans, beet pulp, black sunflower seeds, molasses, goat pellets of some sort, yeast, vitamin E, and white salt. We're kind of new at this, so any input would be appreciated. Oh, I mentioned in another post that Isabelle's milk seems to be getting bitter, and I wonder if it could be a mineral or salt issue.
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    May 24, 2007
    I am also a new goat owner so I can only offer what little I know in this instance. Goats do much better with loose minerals/salt, not a block. Also, offer baking soda free choice to them 24/7 - they will know if they need it.

    Sounds like you are doing great with their feed. Bitter milk can be caused by what they are eating... are they on pasture? They could be getting weeds that have changed the taste of the milk. If that's not it, then someone with far more experience and knowledge will hopefully see this and help you.

    Here's a good goat site with great people if you are interested: http://thegoatspot.net/phpbb/index.php
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    I agree loose minerals are better as the blocks are so hard and all mine did was stand on them. I get the loose cattle minerals that are the highest in copper and selenium...they really need this. The move can change the milk and what they eat will also. Are you feeding them the same that they were getting at their other home? Sudden changes affect the milk. I personally would worm them and not drink it for 3 days and continue milking her. They need a good wormer as stress can get the worms in over load from the move. I would get a good dairy goat ration and alfaf hay or pellets for her to eat as she will need the calcium and you will notice a difference. I go to www.goattalk.com its a good site also with good info. for goats...Good lcuk and give her some time

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