Dairy products in diets


Feb 13, 2017
Does anyone know if dairy products ( cottage cheese & shredded cheese) cause chickens to have runny feces ? During the summer I expect the girls to have runny stools because of all the water they consume but now it is getting cooler I thought they would start solidifing, but they aren't.
We live in Lower alabama on the coast ...temps will range 95+ weeks in a row. We have just started to see cooler weather in the 70's & 80's. If you know please give me a jingle. Thanks de

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Aug 18, 2017
Caliente Nevada
Mine love and get yogurt. Chickens are like people IMO dairy can effect some more than others. I have a little piggy who loves it. Her poop is just fine. My SLW who eats very little gets the runs from it but it only lasts for a couple of poo’s Then she’s fine. Mine turn their noses up if I offer cottage cheese so I don’t.
Have you wormed them?

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