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Daisy And Smuge the Rabbits and Their Mighty Kingdom

Discussion in 'Other Pets & Livestock' started by FluffyWyandot, May 5, 2016.

  1. This weekend i will be getting a rabbit named Houdini, and before i start the story, i want to know what is the best bedding to use? Looking forwards to the antics of having a rabbit and sharing them with you!!![​IMG]
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  2. floridasummer

    floridasummer In the Brooder

    Apr 11, 2016
    Melbourne FL
    I use aspen
    Never use pine or cedar as they are dangerous. You can use that paper looking bedding they sell for small animals at the store, but it costs more than aspen. Also if it's litter trained you could just lay down newspaper or even cardboard.
  3. alright thanks! he is potty trained, so we might do one of those ideas
  4. so plans changed and we now have 2 sisters, Ladies Smudge and Daisy. Now, let the story begin!

    Once upon a time in a mystical land near Seattle WA, 2 sisters, Born Ember and Smudge, were welcomed to the world in the cold month of January. After 5 and a half months of being cared for by their adoptive hoomin mother and father, something happened. A large Family of Hoomins came. Despite the previous idea of adopting Prince Houdini, the family was instantly smitten by the Gorgeous lady Smudge, and her silky soft Sister, Ember. After a discussion, the 2 sisters were packed in a crate with some greens and hay, and went home with The family. After a long journey in a bumpy contraption, they arrived at their new palace. The 2 had a downstairs pen for the day, and were often allowed to roam freely outside of it when the hoomins were around. They also had a upstairs cage for nighttime, so they could be together. At once it became clear that Embers name was not very well suited to her kind nature. After a brief chat, the Princess was re-named to Daisy.

    Pictures Soon to come, stay tuned for more!
  5. Today, a very strange thing has happened... the royal duo is being taken in the hoomin chariot to a hoomin called a "vet". The Hoomin family has decided against having baby princes and princesses, should either of them meet a prince from the outside world, to which they have never been, but hope to go some day. They will be spending the night at the vet so they can get painkillers should they need it. Their Hoomin Family will separate them when they come home tomorrow.

    sorry for the lack of pictures, my cord broke so i cant get them off my phone [​IMG]
  6. AxolotlLove

    AxolotlLove Songster

    Jan 8, 2016
    I thought her name was Daisy, not Ember?

    I love rabbits! Getting 3 on Satuday :)
  7. Finally!! Pictures! Smudge is the one with a ahhh... smudge on her face and Daisy is the all black one

  8. Whaaaat. I guess no pics.... I cri
  9. so because my phone is bugging out, there will not be pictures[​IMG]
  10. Today something odd happened.... a new creature came into the house of the hoomins. it was had feathers instead of fur, and scaly legs. the hoomins refer to the creatures as chickens. almost as soon as it came, it was shooed out of the house by hoomins saying something about messy poop.. the bunnys were very interested in where it had gone. they climbed the perilous mt.couch and scaled the windowsill cliff, they saw a large outdoor home with different colored chickens! more to come, will the kingdoms become close freinds or mortal enimies? who knows??

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