12 Years
Jul 20, 2007
Daisy is a good girl. My youngest daughter rescued her from the pound when she was about 7 weeks old, in February of 1998. She peed on the floor one time and never did it again. She is the kind of dog that you can tell her something one time and she gets it.


Daisy is a "mostly" Beagle mixed mutt. She can run like the wind and is a wonderful watchdog, but would not bite any person.

I had chickens when we got Daisy and she grew up not liking them. She would stand outside the tractor and bark until I scolded her. It was the one thing that I seemingly could not break her of.

Due to too many things to tell, we had to move back into the city and now 9 years later we have moved back out in the country. A month ago when I built a tractor and got some bantams she saw them, sniffed and that was pretty much it.

Then I got the RIR chicks, kept them in the house for a week, and then moved them into the garage into the mini-tractor. Now Daisy normally sleeps inside the house all night in our bedroom, but we have a bed in the garage for her for daytime naps. I placed that bed right beside the mini-tractor, hoping that she would bond with the chicks.

And she did. Now she does not want to sleep inside. She is mom to the chicks. We have two cats that are about 8 months old and very rambunctious. She will not let them come near the chicks. She has never been aggressive to the cats before, but I know that she knows that they would hurt the chicks if they had the chance.

What a difference from 9 years ago. Today I had one of the chicks holding it, and she wanted to sniff. I knelt down and she sniffed the chick and then very tenderly - licked it.

What a good girl. Daisy is the best little dog a person could ask for. I'm a blessed man.

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