Daisy's 3-week-old "only chick" has the head shakes...what's up?


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May 14, 2009
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Three plus weeks ago, I posted about my bantam Cochin hen Daisy who wanted a chick really badly. She finally hatched out an "only" (Chrysanthemum) three weeks ago. They're doing great (they've been living in my laundry room with daily visits out to the garden and dust baths), but now, the baby has developed this weird head-shaking that seems almost like a nervous tic. She's growing, eating, pooping, and feathering-out fine, but this new "tic" bothers me. Does anyone have any ideas? We're pretty emotionally invested in this baby, given Daisy's three month saga, and we'd hate to lose her.
FYI, I've dusted them both with food-grade DE several times over the past three weeks. Thanks for your opinions.


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Jul 28, 2009
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Mine are 4 weeks now, and still do that sometimes. I kind of think it's just a feathering out thing, but I could be totally wrong. But I have noticed that little pieces of fuzz that they're losing sometimes gets caught around their eyes or beaks, and it bugs the crap out of them...also, they keep scratching off a lot of that "dander" stuff from their feathers coming in. So I just assumed it was a bit itchy and uncomfortable...???

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