Damaged beak? New to chicken keeping!


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Sep 10, 2019
So I got my first two chickens a week ago, they’re about 10 and 12 weeks old. I noticed today that my silkie has what looks like a chip or scab on her beak. It sort of seems like I can see the bone? This is my first time owning chickens so I’m not sure what this is/how serious it is. I’ve read about chickens pecking at each other’s beaks, but the other one is younger and smaller than the silkie so I’m not sure how likely that is? I know I might be overreacting but I just want to make sure she’s all right!! Thanks for any help!


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Does look like she's skinned it pretty good. You can put some antibiotic ointment w.o pain relief on it to ward off infection. This time of year, with any injury, fly strike is also a concern. Try to keep her space clean and fly free until she's healed.
She should heal up pretty quickly and be just fine. :love

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