Damn Dogs!!!

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by Evelle, Aug 18, 2011.

  1. Evelle

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    Apr 27, 2011
    North Idaho
    i lost my tom yesterday to my neighbors dog last year it got all three and thank fully it only got one this year. but he did get ahold of two of my unwanted roosters so in a way it kinda did me a favor in that aspect.
    URGGGG!!! im so disappointed in myself for not putting them up to go to town for a half hour. poor tomtom. im so upset it seems that something out there doesnt want me to have full grown turkeys. sigh. [​IMG]
  2. Nic&Chickies

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    Aug 23, 2010
    New Britain, CT
    [​IMG] Have you enlisted the help of the law? Call the police, animal control, whichever handles such things where you are--especially since this is a repeat offense! If that ends up looking like it's not gonna work, um, are you armed? There are some on BYC who would recommend that first. I wish I was, when that D*m*ed Husky dog wiped out my flock of 4. I also regret not doing more within the law; never pursued it with animal control/P.D. I think that's why I get so angry when I hear it happened to someone else.
  3. cozwurth

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    Aug 6, 2011
    Franklin, VA
    I can understand how you feel. I've been on both sides of this problem at one time or another. I had two Siberian Husky dogs who got themselves into a lot of trouble. When I moved out to the country I got lazy trying to contain those two escape artists and let them run. [​IMG] They caused quite a bit of trouble harassing llamas, chickens, cats, etc. The owner of the chickens came to me and told me that if he ever saw my dogs on his property again that he would shoot them. I took the hint and contained my dogs on dog runs from that point on. I honestly did not know that they were causing problems until other people came to me to let me know. I have also had other peoples dogs come onto my property and cause trouble. We have lost two cats to roaming dogs over the last couple of years. I don't really like cats, but they were earning their keep as rodent control, and my girls loved them. The cat we have now is dumb as a post, but that's another story. The last incident we had with a dog was with a neighbors choc lab. He seems to be a pretty good dog, but he follows us home and won't leave. We spoke to the owners a couple of times, but it was not a real big issue until we got the chickens. He went absolutely ballistic running around the kennel trying to get at them. He literally wore the grass down to bare dirt at the corners within a couple of minutes. My wife called the owners, and then called AC. The owner literally had to drag the dog into the truck. AC said that they would send someone over to speak with them about the dog. Haven't seen him for over a week. I still need to talk to AC to see what my options are if he comes back.

    I agree with Nic&Chickies about getting AC involved. Speak to the owners and let them know what happened because they are responsible for the actions of their dog. Get AC involved if the owners do not take you seriously. Maybe get them involved even if the owner does take you seriously.
  4. suki'smom

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    Aug 4, 2011
    Central Wisconsin
    So sorry for your loss
  5. Evelle

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    Apr 27, 2011
    North Idaho
    Quote:i think thats why i havent really done anything i have a dog (ice) who i love very very much. but pain in my arss. she runs all the way down the end of the road to harass thier chickens and she likes to bolt i have no way of catching her. until she stops which is usally at her property [​IMG] well ive contained her very well. i chain her up and every year i have to buy a new one cause she ends up snaping it. so i know you cant watch your dogs at every moment of the day. sometimes they dissapear on you and i guess i dont want karma to come and bite me in the ass. ive told my neighbor about it last year when they killed off 15 chickens and three turkeys and they have done a very good job keeping them over there. not to long ago we learned he also was dignosed with cancer. lol he was doing such a GREAT job that my chickens started to go over in to his yard lol.
    so i dont know if hes gotten worse so his dogs are running all over the place. or if it was coyoties (i have been hearing them for the last 2 weeks but only at night) but it was in mid day when they were attacked. maybe it was some other dog.???? idk but i am very sad we have been having to keep them locked up which kills me inside seeing them all mash togeter at the gate when they see me out thinking its time to run [​IMG] i dont want someone to kill my dog for tormenting chickens. i wont do it eather. maybe rubber bullets or bbs?? things that scare and not kill. i know there is a leash law in this small little town but for someone who has two dogs.. its difficult to watch them every second of the day there is always those "opps" days..... im at a loss im very torn about losing my chickens and turkey but at the same time i know its just in the dogs nature and a 15$ turkey is not worth the loss of my 8 year old dog. i can alway replace them but i cant get another ICE who has became a part of my family. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] so i can sympathise with them. but at the same time im very sad my turkeys and chicken that where killed to early.
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  6. Evelle

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    Apr 27, 2011
    North Idaho
    DONT GET ME WRONG I LOVE MY BIRDS.. i talk to them every morning and night. i would just be way more upset to find my dog dead then my favoret chicken.. maybe its just me.

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