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    maybe its my imagination but during that rainy weather we'd been having here in cecil county md, my coop/shed seemed MORE damp with the doors closed than it did with that wet rainy air blowing thru with the doors open! I really must get to measuring the humidity in there....but in the meantime, i am predator proofing with hardware cloth homemade screen doors and keeping things open.

    and guess what i heard that couldn't possibly be a bird? a very volumous chirring - yep! sounds like raccoons just outside my fenced backyard, somewhere in the aborvide evergreens! in my nice development.

    and the dogs could care less about whoever is doing the chirring....wonderful just wonderful [​IMG]
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    My attached garage is the same way. It's shoddy with no insulation and crappy wooden doors... Without air flow, the moisture builds up enough to make the concrete damp.

    It's all about ventilation.. So long as rain is not actively blowing in, the air flow will keep it drier and there will be no more moisture in there than the ambient humidity.
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    weird huh?

    I had to feel it to believe it. And still couldn't believe it. I mean that air flow from outside was wet damp ichy like mist even. temperature difference I am not sure what it was, but even felt colder with the door closed.

    One of the first things I read here was pats big o ventilation page, and the deep litter stuff. really really cool topics. and so very important.

    thanks for chiming in. it helps to hear someone else say it. I've finally gotten this sunk in.

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