Dang! I've got a horn dog roo!

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  1. I have a year-old Buff Orpington rooster fondly called Charlie the Roo Harper or Roo for short.

    He has 16 women to himself, eight blonds, six red heads and two splash just for variety. He is pretty much constantly pestering one or the other. The hens preen and admire him all the time so they are no help.

    Now he is a gentleman about food and would give his life to defend them, he is a good roo, don't get me wrong.

    But the constant chicken porn show is dis-gust-ing. His favorites have had their feathers lovingly ripped from their bodies and he will sometimes take them on two at a time.....I mean, he mounts one and then another a few seconds later. He has the girls trained so if he kinda stamps his foot, they present their rears. Dis-gust-ing. I have two teenage sons at home and this is NOT a good example for them.
    All kidding aside, how much are roos supposed to do the nasty? I've counted five times in a half hour the other day and my hens will be neked soon if I don't get him some sex addiction intervention! Is this just because he is young? Does he need more than 16 hens?
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    Maybe he needs some time to free range and take his mind off things?
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    My blue wheaten ameraucana is almost 2 years old, still going at it and he has 22 hens all to himself [​IMG] I just bought saddles for all the hens, just gotta catch them now. At first I thought it was just a couple since on 2 or 3 were losing their feathers, now more than 10 need saddles. I am hoping it is just weather related? His girls love on him so much and pick at him he no longer has a beard and only has a tiny bit of a muff that is starting to grow back and they keep breaking his tail feathers [​IMG]

    eta- mine all free range
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    [​IMG] That was hilarious.
    it's just like any other male, they have it available to them, they'll take it. You can remove the roo so the ladies can have a break (tell your boys, he goes to jail for being a pig [​IMG] ) if you can't free range try putting some distractions in the pen alfalfa, cabbage, fruits, veggies hide them or put them in hard to reach places so he'll be occupied with something else.
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    LMAO.. I thought I was bad in the day:lol:
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    Quote:[​IMG] [​IMG]
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    my BO is 18 mo and is very much the same way you are describing. he has shamelessly ripped all back feathers off my 6 hens. I bought them saddles, but they were still getting roughed up. HE is in rooster JAIL. We built a pen and lockaway for nighttime for him... but he is officially banished for good. Before banishment, we tried free ranging, but he only paced the fence where the hens were. TOTALLY obsessed.
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    Spring....Youth....the randy rooster cliche,,,

    My husband is positive they do it more when people are around to prove they are the top dog rooster and to prove to the girls they should not spend any time looking at those people who bring treats.

    Arthur the SS has 13 girls and his favorites are near bald.
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    Ya know, I'm in my early 60's. I grew up on a farm; we always had chickens. In fact I was always in the 4-H poultry projects. I remember a lot about those chickens, about various hatchings, etc., but I don't remember EVER having a hen lose the feathers on her back due to mating. My 50s roos would always do their little drop-wing courting dance, the hen would squat and the deed was done. She would get up, shake her feathers and go on about her henly business. My roosters now just chase the hen, grab her head feathers and climb on board, while she's squawking and flopping. I've got hens with bald backs, bare wings, bald heads..... what is with the roosters of the new millenium? I guess the 50s & 60s were just a kinder, gentler time all around.[​IMG]
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    My RIR roo, Tuna is the same way and he is a year old. I recently combined my in-laws flock with mine, rooster included. His name is Rocky, and he is twice the size of Tuna.
    Rocky very quickly put Tuna in his place. The first few days I kept finding Tuna hiding with his head tucked into a corner. Once I saw him cowering like that with Rocky scratching
    and scratching the floor with his feet by Tuna's head, trying to dig him out of his corner so he could beat him up some more. But it hasn't stopped Tuna's Libido!!! He spends his
    time circling the outside perimiter of the flock, and then when one hen strays far enough away from Rocky so he thinks he might have enough time he sprints in grabs her and
    jumps on! More often them not Rocky hears the commotion and goes flying feet first at Tuna and knocks him off, if Tuna hasn't already seen him coming and made a run for it!!!
    One night I went in the coop and startled one of my hens who hadn't gotten up on their roosts yet, and she went outside, where Tuna was waiting for Rocky to go to bed so he
    could come inside. He was on her in about three seconds from the time she started out the door!!!!! Interestingly enough I haven't seen Rocky doing much with the hens he's so
    diligently protecting. Maybe he is too busy making sure Tuna's not getting busy to get any himself? It's also interesting to note that Tuna's hens still prefer him, I have seen a hen
    wander over by him and squat on her own, on two occasions. Both were his former hens.
    Maybe I shouldn't be paying so much attention to these activities...LOL!!!!!
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