Dang looney African crowned cranes....

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    I spent some time making a play gym for my cranes with parrot toys and a teeter totter etc etc... Which they do have fun playing on....but I find them mostly ontop of our used wood pile...grrrrr
    They have a nice large 16x8ft kiddie pond until I get one dug.. For them to play in....which they do...but I used a old plastic kiddie pool to throw these dang wild cactus in I've been digging out of the pasture.....and guess who throws them all out. :/. Then hubby left a tarp on the ground...well that tarp will no longer be water proof with all the holes they put in it and dragged it around the yard. They also saw a feed sack blown up against the fence...they spent hours trying to pull it threw the small fence holes. I guess they keep themselves entertained...their favorite toys are none I bought... But sticks and moss...go figure. :rolleyes:
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    Apr 12, 2012
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    Chickenzoo, you've got to give us a picture! (or two!)
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    They seem to know when I have the camera and just stand there looking at me...lol. I'll try and get some...have some on my phone but don't know how to post them here....

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