DANG, Meeces have invaded my house. Killing field....

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  1. WOW, I can not believe the number of Mice I have killed with just the traps in the last few days. I mean it is set and in a matter of minutes WHAAP !! I have three traps were I think the little turds are traveling through the house. I have put poison in enclosures (so no one else gets to it) and the little critters actually took out with a sizable chunk of "Just one Bite II" !!

    So anyone else have this problem to this extent ? I do not have a nasty house, but I did close off the basement heat a week ago.

    Gezz, I think Willard is going to show up some night !! I am true to my bones hate the little things. They are just so resourceful and they multiply way to quickly.

    There is ONLY one good kind of meece, a dead one.

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    We had our first good cold snap a couple weeks ago so that made the mice try to seek better accommodations. We found mouse droppings in our pantry and in one of our kitchen towel drawers. I do refuse to share my house with mice. We totally cleared and cleaned where we had mouse evidence. I set out some traps and poison. After a few days we must have gotten the little critters because there is no evidence. I still keep a few traps set and some poison at possible entry points. I also set traps in the barn and catch one there from time to time.
  3. We found a couple of access spots in our basement pump room, and sealed them- then later on last summer we found a gnawed section of sill, and replaced it. We also have a former feral cat who let us know where she spotted them, bless her feral heart. I would he happier if she did not leave one at the foot of my bed, though. None this winter...look for ground level openings of 1/2" and slightly bigger- it doesn't take much. A temporary repair can be made with steel wool if the hole is in a place that's difficult to fix at this time.

    If you have any bags of feed in the house or cereals, put them in mouse-proof containers because once in, the mice can stay and breed indoors. That's if they are field mice. House mice will, um, stay nearly always somewhere indoors...
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  4. We moved the table out and found a 1 inch hole around the furnace/air water drain. We plugged this up and cleaned up the outside room. This was really bad and we trapped the entire room.

    This day there were only two little meeces (looked like babies) in the traps indoors.

    These are field mice, comming in for heat and food. We can not have the cats indoors, they never learned to use a litter box.

    Lately the cats are hanging out at the chicken barn. There is plenty of food, water and the barn is at least 15 degrees warmer than outside at night.

    Thanks for the replies !!
  5. Your search paid off! Glad to hear it and now the cats will be able to control things for you! [​IMG]
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    Well I've caught more than a few but the one I want to tell you about was near my stack of feed in the garage. It was near the trap and the trap was set off so I don't know if it had gotten stunned or what but it was sitting there looking up at me not running or anything. I didn't have the heart to stomp it so when the cat came out of his room I thought for sure he'd get it. This little guy didn't even run from the cat so maybe he got stunned by the trap when it went off. I just went about my business and he was gone when I came back so I don't know what happened to him/her.
    Oh and I've lost at least 3 traps, Lord only knows where they went. I expect someday I'll find a corner with a pile of traps. You win some you lose some. [​IMG]

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