Dang Raccoon!

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by HAL_9000, Dec 6, 2010.

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    Got Hit by a raccon this morning.. 2 days ago I put sone new 8 week old chickenettes out in the coop, checked out the fencing and such and made sure they had a secure hiding place so my 2, 5month olds wouldn't damage them (my 5 year old chooks are mellow) went out this morning to find one of my 5 month olds headless and half eaten with coon tracks to it... looks like the bugger climbed the fence... I have 5 big dogs and haven't seen a coon in 5 years.. now the weather is COLD out the dogs have taken to sleeping in the house and haven't been erning their keep... and we have had so much snow that it has buried my hot wire... SO Went into town to get more wire to enclose the run over the top, and got a live trap...

    been checking up on them a couple of times this evening... going out with a 20 guage under my arm.. If I see it, I'm gonna shoot it.. if I catch it I will release it somewhere far away, and let someone else deal with it...

    Anyone know what the best coon bait is? the trap instructions say canned fish and marshmallows, so that is what is in there now.. cheap tuna and marshmallows anyone have better suggestions?

    always feel ill when I find dead chooks [​IMG]
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    I'd shoot the raccoon either way. Trapped or not.
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    if I catch it, I'll dump it 7-8 miles from here... live in a heavily wooded area... tho I will shoot it or any porcupine I come across if it isn't trapped (I HATE dequilling dogs).. I just want it away from here.. far away and if it is trapped.. I will take it away it it is not trapped... I will blow it away... simple

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