dangerous plants?

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    I will be getting my first ever chickens in a couple weeks and we have many different flowers/ shrubs in our gardens and was wondering if you know of a good list of deadly/toxic plants that chickens should not eat?? I just want to avoid any dangers for them. I wish I could train them to eat just the weeds:p

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    Chickens will eat everything. There are many, many plants that are poisonous to them. Azaleas for one. Google toxic plants to poultry and you will find plenty of info.
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    Lynne P. wrote: I hope this helps! [​IMG]


    Very good link on toxic plants. Thanks! I have a desert tortoise and the list looks similar to the list I used before getting her.​
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    Fortunately, most poisonous plants are bitter or generally unappealing to animals. Here's a big list for ya! http://www.plantsciences.ucdavis.edu/ce/king/PoisPlant/Tox-COM.htm
    your birds do ingest a toxic plant, the symptoms occur pretty quickly. Keep whole milk, activated charcoal, and electrolytes on hand. Milk will flush the body, charcoal will absorb most toxins, and electrolytes will encourage proper water absorbtion. The goal is to dilute the toxin to a safe level.
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    Feb 5, 2008
    I'm confused because I've seen posts on the BYC that stated that some posters have chickens who love cabbage.

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    Cabbage a goitrogenic poison, which isn't very harmful in moderation and it is deactivated when cooked (I think). Goitrogens affect the thyroid, interfering with iodine intake. In people, this would cause goitre (that gross massive double chin thing). In chickens, not sure what it would cause but obviously nothing serious if anything.
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    I don't worry about toxic plants. My chickens don't eat them.

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