Danish Leghorns Someone please tell me what to look for in rooster!

Free Range Mama

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Jun 20, 2011
We have too many roosters and have to pick the best one for breeding. I can't find any info about danish leghorns online. Does anyone have any good advice for what to look for/what to breed out of a chicken? Some have more white at the base of their tail and some have beige or white in their wings. They are very beautiful birds.



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Feb 13, 2010
Dutchess County,NY
Back in the late 1920,s, Brown Leghorn,were divided into Dark Browns and Light Browns.The pullet bred line became the Light Browns and the male line became the Dark Browns.It was double mating carried to excess.Before the division,when single mated,they were the old fashioned brown Leghorn,neither too light or dark.The Danish Brown Leghorn is a commercial egg bred line of the old fashioned type Brown Leghorn.They are a somewhat darker version of the Light Brown Leghorn with a coarser stippling,but on duckwing.

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