D'Anver mixed pair for sale 5 months old

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    I have a pair of D'Anver mixes that I purchased as chicks at TSC in April of this year, not sure of what they were, and I just have no place for them in my flock The pullet is beautiful. She is blue with faint gold hinting along the outer edges of her wings. The cockerel is also blue, but he's an even fainter shade of blue, so he appears almost cream in some lighting, and he has a rich honey gold across his back. They are both gentle and well behaved, no aggression whatsoever. Their names are Same and Gracie. I just don't have room in my flock for them and I can't breed them with my pure D'Anvers, so my loss is your gain. Gracie should be laying any day now. A Cochin pullet she was raised with has already started laying. Sam, to my knowledge, isn't even crowing yet. He's a calm boy and just kind of does his own thing. They're in with the main Bantam flock and everyone gets along fine. If interested, please PM me. I'm in West Central Indiana, right on the Illinois border, so if you're nearby, you can come pick them up. Won't ship, sorry.

    This is Sam back in June. He's more filled out now with better feathering. He's a real cutie:

    A close of up Gracie from June:

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