Dark Brahma hen or rooster?


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Oct 30, 2012

I got 6 assorted chicks about 5 months ago. This is my only Brahma. i was under the impression this was a she but i saw some pictures of dark brahmas and "she" looked a lot like the he pictures! it was raining when i got these pictures.
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is there a reason why he wouldnt be "cock a doodle-doing" yet? I havent heard him do it at all. He was born in May
Cockerel all the way
Brahmas can be pretty slow to mature. I've seen folks here who have birds 8-9 months who aren't crowing yet, but are all boy.
Just depends on the rooster. Or the breed. Brahmas mature slower then a lot of breeds, but Ive had roos crow at 2 days old to 10 months. If there is another roo or hen above him in the pecking order, might be a reason why he isnt crowing.

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