Dark Brahma Roo.. Missing feathers.. Will he grow them back?

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  1. Hello again [​IMG]

    As you know, I worry a lot about Reagan, my roo [​IMG] Here is another question:

    We keep geese with our chickens to alert us about predators! It works really well and they have certainly saved some of our chickens but when we don't let them out for long periods they get mean to the chickens and well.. Start pulling feathers. The chickens can get away but sometimes they don't make it in time and they loose some feathers. Reagan is missing many feathers on the back of his neck but the stub isn't out. Will he grow them back?

    Thank you!

  2. Imp

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    I believe if the stub is still there, he will regrow the feathers when he molts.

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    Quote:I agree. If the stub (shaft) is intact, the feather won't grow back until the bird molts. If the feather is completely gone, shaft and all, it will start to grow back immediately.
  4. But I have read on some other threads and experienced that Roo's don't molt. Is that correct?
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    Quote:No, that is incorrect.

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