Dark Brahma

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    Sep 26, 2013
    Hello All,
    I am in Central California, hunting a source for Dark Brahmas of standard size. I'm willing to pay shipping. Looking for hens, pullets or eggs. I'm so frustrated! I didn't think Dark Brahmas were so rare as to be THIS difficult in finding? Do you think they are being mislabeled as penciled or cochin by back yard breeders? They are pretty distinctive to me but perhaps people don't know what they have. I saw that they are on the watch list so they should be somewhat available. Our pullet is adorable, easily the sweetest birds we've had. Our rooster is 8 months old and keeps ALL the hens on the run. I hate to separate him out with just one bird for breeding. Need more hens. HELP! The photos are of the Rooster and Pullet. Please correct me if I have identified our birds wrongly. The rooster was a surprise and I'm never sure with large orders if the chicks sent are absolutely what I asked for. I do know that with Dark Brahma's the Roos and hens have vastly different markings. Appreciate input. Thank you!

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