Dark colored watery poops?


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Apr 13, 2018
I’ve noticed my chicks tend to have very watery poops yet they never show behaviors that suggest the cage is too hot. However today some of the poops I see have a dark yellow-brown watery urine. You can see how it stains the paper towel. It doesn’t seem to be blood as when it was wet, it was naturally that color. No actual red tones. (I moved the lamp away to check the true color). I don’t know if it’s diarrhea or something similar to ceceal. These chicks are about a week old. Is this just a natural thing?


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Jun 23, 2013
The Big Island/Hawaii
What is the temp in your set up?
Do they have enough space out of the heat of the lamp? Set your lamp off to one side of the brooder, so they can get away from heat at will.
What are you feeding?

I used to use a regular 40w light bulb until I read about MHP. have converted since and never the happiest. Chicks are quieter, less skittish and alot more calmer. I also add some ACV with Mother to their water (1T/gal), have had no issues with pasty butts.

All looks normal to me, they could be drinking alot more water as they are warmer than need be.
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