Dark nights in Scotland

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    Jun 3, 2016
    Hi all, as we say in Scotland "the nights are fare drawing in" meaning there is little day light, which in turn means my chooks spend more time in the coop, and I'm curious about supplying them with water as my current method Is full of crap by the time I clean them out the next day, can you give me any ideas, thanks John
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    Lovely saying - nice imagery. [​IMG]

    How about nipple waterers? Water stays clean. I've used both vertical and horizontal and give the edge to horizontal.
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    Dec 7, 2011
    If you set your water on a raised dias it will be cleaner.
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    Normal waterers, the kind where the chickens dip their beaks in a tray where the water accumulates, are going to be gunky very fast due to the normal debris on chicken beaks getting into the water. It makes washing and refilling the waterer daily a necessity to maintain good sanitation.

    I am getting old, and it was getting to be a real chore to carry the fresh water to the run so often. I now use the Bright Tap water system, which is a device with vertical nipples all rigged up and ready to simply thread into an Igloo water cooler tank. I just unscrewed the spigot on the insulated water jug, and screwed in the Bright Tap. http://www.chickenwaterer.com/BriteTap-Chicken-Poultry-Waterer-p/bt100.htm http://www.chickenwaterer.com/BriteTap-Chicken-Waterer-Cooler-Combo-Pack-p/bt100-2gal-combo.htm

    Now I only need to fill the tank once a week and the water stays super clean. The only drawback is the tap nipples freeze when it gets down below freezing, but I just throw a wool blanket over the Igloo and the Tap, and it stays above freezing on most nights. There in Scotland, you probably won't have temps that cold.
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