Dark partridge sizzle chick. probably a pullet

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    Jan 23, 2011
    I love sizzles! They are such sweet gentle birds. Sizzles are a breed in development derived from Frizzled Cochin/ Silkie crosses. They have all the characteristics of a Silkie but with barbed feathers, not Silkie Feathers. I like them more than Silkies! You can read all about them and see pitures here:

    I have three smooth feathered sizzle chicks approximately 12 weeks old. Chick #3 is a dark partridge color. I think this is a pullet, but as with silkies it's sometimes hard to tell when they are young. She has all five toes on each foot and walnut comb. Her feathering has just started filling out. This chick is small with a super sweet personality!. She is the same age but much smaller than chick #1 and #2.
    Remember you need the smooth feathered sizzles to breed with your frizzled sizzles.
    Take all three chicks for $25
    I will consider shipping. Buyer would need to provide shipping box and pay all shipping costs.


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