Dark throated bred to red goldens?

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    Since the dark throated reds are a mutation of the red goldens,,it will not hurt anything to breed both of them together? I lost my 2 dark throated hens last spring from a very agressive male,and locating 3-4 breeding age hens for him has been a 6 month endeavor resulting in nothing to be found or finding anyone willing to ship them. I have 3 nice red golden hens with a red golden male now,and he's not too agressive during breeding season so I want to keep those hens with him.I have found several outlets for red golden hens,,so at this stage in the game I'm wanting to just get 4 red golden hens for the dark throated male I have.Granted not all the male chicks will show the dark brown feathers under the neck when adults,but still will have carriers of the dark throated color mutation and if bred back to dark throated hens,,seems 75% should show the dark plumage when adults? Also the hens when mature are noticably darker brown when compared to red golden hens.
    Question,,,if the hatched chicks from breeding dark throats to red goldens results in adult birds resembling by feather color alone either a red golden,or a dark throat,if that f1 bird is then bred to a known like color variety,the f2 chicks will be only 75%? Or more?
    I also have a very nice peach male that is by himself and am considering anything to put with this lonely guy in a few weeks.Splash or cinnamon may work,but these are non existant as well. Ideas?

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