Darkest egg from production bird? I'm on a mission.

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    I'm on a quest, and I'm hoping that BYC can help me out. Have you seen the Eggland's Best Organic eggs in the store, the ones in the clear cartons? They are the most gorgeous rich brown. Not as dark as a Marans egg, of course, but far darker than my Golden Buff eggs. I want some! Eggland's Best says they only use RIR, but I've had hatchery RIR before (Production Red, I'm sure) and the egg wasn't any deeper brown than my Golden Buffs lay--and I know I don't have access to the stock that EB uses.

    I've called hatcheries, but none of them will put egg colors up online. I've had one suggestion that Cackle has rich brown egg layers, especially their Rhode Island White and Cinnamon Queen--has anyone else found that to be so? How about the egg colors from Murray McMurray, Ideal, or others? Help me out! I want the darkest egg from a production-oriented bird. At least 5 eggs per week.

    I already have some Blue Copper Marans, and they lay a lovely deep brown egg. However, they only lay about 2 eggs a week. I've tried to cross my Marans rooster with some Golden Buffs, and that did deepen the egg color, but the resulting hens lay much more like a Marans rather than the Golden Buff.

    Thanks, everyone!
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    My hatchery Welsummers are cranking out dark brown eggs - 5-6 per week at the moment.

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