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    Mar 12, 2007
    Have seven week old chicks that have never known darkness since they have been in a brooder with heat lamp - put them in Coop with lamp almost two weeks ago.
    I live in New England so it is still cold at night 30-40. For that matter - Really has been much warmer in day!! We had one warm night that I didn't need the lamp. So I shut it off. They went nuts - they slept near the trap door in the run. When I put a light on they came inside - I experimented with light on and off - they had reaction every time. What do I do? Can they see the water and food in the dark?
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    Our flock forages our acreage and our hen house is a section of the barn. My birds are older, but here is what I did when they first left the brooder for the hen house.

    Usually I shut off the barn lights and leave the hen house lights on. This gets all the flock stragglers back to the hen house.

    I refill waterers and check that there is feed in the feeders. Ater they have eaten and it is time for bed. I shut off the hen house lights. (If it is still cold at night, I leave some light on for some warmth.)

    I put the birds that are still on the floor after lights out onto the roosts. You may need a flashlight so YOU can see what you're doing. [​IMG]

    Most of the birds head for the roosts after a few nights of this routine.

    I do leave a small barn light on so they can see their feed and water all night long, as I have noticed that some of the birds go to the roost first and eat after the others have eaten.

    I have heard that some people put their hen house lights on a dimmer switch, so the lights gradually dim and this gives the birds enough time to get to the roosts for the evening.


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    The inside of the hen house usually darkens before the outside does, so I think the birds are afraid to go into the unknown. I found mine hunkered down outside the coop door at first too. I keep a night light on also, but even that takes some getting used to if they have had bright lights most of their life.

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