Darn hawk took one of our hens!


8 Years
Jul 20, 2011
Fort Wayne, IN
This morning I let the chickens out as usual, and about 15 mins later I heard this awful sound so I went out to investigate and a hawk had our beautiful Creamsicle in his grasp I yelled at it and started walking towards it, it finally let her go when I was in arms reach. It perched itself in our cherry tree, I had to swing a stick and it and bang on the fence to get it to fly away. I went back to Creamsicle and she was gasping for breath, I ran inside to get a box to put her in so Hubby could put her out of her misery. When I went back out to get her she was sitting normal just not moving so I scoped her up and brought her in, we looked her over she just has a small gash that we cleaned up and crated her for a few. Then I saw something like a flash and told hobby I think its back he said no then the rooster started making that awful sound again. By the time we got out there our Lady was gone. I am so bummed, I know this is a part of life but dammit they have become a part of our family. we are going to modify the run and make it more secure. Sorry just need to vent. and the hawk I saw first was grey with black spots and was alot smaller then the others I have seen that are more red in color, this grey one was pretty bold not to fly when I approached it.
So sorry for your loss
I'm so sorry. That is always one of my biggest fears. Our coop has a top, but sometimes I wish I was brave enough to let them freerange.
I am so sorry. I know too well what you are going through. Between the raccoons that kept on decapitating my feathered family about four years ago until I got the solar blinking red lights and the hawks now a days - until we got our Great Pyrenees, I have probably lost 18 of my little ones and I incubated and brooded them all in my home. They all had/have names I know their personalities. I totally understand your grief. I had to keep reminding myself that the predators have to eat too - BUT WHY MY CHICKENS.
I'm so sorry. That is always one of my biggest fears. Our coop has a top, but sometimes I wish I was brave enough to let them freerange.

Mine have always free ranged. We live in a hollow in the woods surrounded by acres of woods and farmland and they just love being out. I lock them up every night in the chicken house that is attached to four chicken tractors. Even with all that room if I don't let them out one day because of rain,snow or I will be gone all day, they are practically screaming and squawking at the top of their lungs. I realize that I may lose some - but they can't stand being cooped up at all. My GP does a good job of protecting them now.
It's the worst feeling ever when a hawk kills/almost kills a chicken had that happed few times before, makes you want to go hunting for hawks.. Sad thing is hawks only take a few bites and leave such a waste of a chickens life...
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Sorry for your loss.I really hate that we can not get rid of the hawks when they make a habit of killing our birds
thanks for sharing and caring, I made a make shift pin for them last night before the storm kicked up, I have it covered with burlap and secured to the green metal fencing if the hawk is flying over it cant see into the pin. it will do for now until spring when we build them a new coop that will be enclosed.

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